“Luster is what moves your audience while sound strategy guides them to respond.”

Sarah Guldalianfounder + chief marketer

When we think of effective marketing, we oftentimes imagine a campaign or creative piece that is really shiny and visually alluring; and this is a huge part of effective marketing. This is what captures the viewer or listener’s attention by appealing to his or her heart. Yet, effective marketing is not solely about allure or emotion.

To activate your target audience to step forward – or, as we call it in marketing, to move to “conversion” – you must blend this focus on gloss and luster with sound logic and precision strategy.

While the luster gets their attention, it is the strategy that actually moves them to do something – and not just something but the specific thing you want them to do (your goal). Strategy is what causes your audience to respond to your call-to-action, once you have hooked them, so they will now move towards giving or joining or buying what you are marketing.

So, why semi • gloss? While you start with the gloss – the allure, the hook – to capture them; it is just half of the equation when it comes to effective marketing that helps you reach your ultimate campaign goal.

Sarah Guldalian

founder + chief marketer

Sarah Guldalian is a renowned Telly and AVA Platinum award-winning Marketer and Producer of 20 years. Known for founding and serving as CEO + CMO of International, award-winning Creative Agency, Rhino Hyde Productions, Sarah is a recognized expert at generating effective strategies, media and campaigns.

Sarah has produced hundreds of multi-media Brand Campaigns with iTV, TLC, the WB, ABC, Fox Sports Midwest, Emmis Communications, NPR and Lutheran Hour Ministries. Through her career, Sarah has enjoyed the privilege of serving amazing International causes such as Embrace a Village, which helps those affected by leprosy in India, as well as Fortune 5 companies such as United Healthcare.

Sarah is now proud to present her new venture, semi • gloss marketing, to the world. semi • gloss supports its clients through alluring campaigns with precision strategies.


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